Blackfriars Granulator Systems

Blackfriars size-reduction granulator systems custom manufactured to meet your specific granulation needs.

Each granulation process presents its own challenges and resultant issues, along with customers having their own individual requirements.
As an initial part of the manufacturing audit we examine every part of the size-reduction process in detail, advise on viability and investigate the most suitable solution.

Blackfriars Granulator Systems have many years of expertise on granulation technology, applications and processes, along with our own technical department for system development which can significantly improve performance.

Our reputation for reliability, robustness and performance has been achieved over many decades of working closely with our customers, to understand their needs and successfully applying our experience and technology to achieve effective solutions.

Blackfriars Granulators offer a wide range of granulator systems, designed to meet your requirements. Our expertise comes to the fore where our customers need a more bespoke solution, where we’re able to offer the potential for considerable cost savings.

As a member of the Fernite Group of companies we also offer the #1 granulator blade re-sharpening service in the UK.

2024 Blackfriars Granulator Systems Range

Nick Wright, Blackfriars Granulator Systems

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