Blackfriars 40/40 Granulator System

Blackfriars 40/40 Granulator, from the OEM, Blackfriars Granulator systems
Blackfriars 60/40 Granulator, from the OEM, Blackfriars Granulator systems

Blackfriars 40/40 Granulator System

The Blackfriars 40/40 Granulator is a medium duty granulator, designed for ease of use and fast simple cleaning.

The throat opening is designed to accept large mouldings quickly and quietly with no fuss or throw-back due to the tangential feed.

The rotor, with its three rows of shear cut adjustable knives is of heavy, but open construction. Running on large heavy duty bearings which are outboard from the cutting chamber and driven through a large flywheel, the rotor cuts against two rows of adjustable dead knives. (The system is available with an optional second flywheel for additional momentum.)

No compromises have been made with sound attenuation. The result is a granulator that is both rugged and exceptionally quiet in operation. The cutting chamber and drive are mounted on anti-vibration pads within the outer chassis. The whole machine is then totally enclosed within high quality sound attenuating panels and interlocked doors.

There is an integral pneumatic granule extraction system comprising a fan inside the sound enclosure, sound deadened ducting to a quiet cyclone with ‘U’ bend air filter; (The machine is also available with custom-designed extraction units based on specific requirements).

The rotor and stator dead knife design and setting ensures that the gap between the pre-set rotor knives and stator knives is always correct, and the rotor diameter is constant throughout the life of the knives.


The whole machine is fully interlocked, yet readily accessible.

Access to the cutting chamber is fast and easy with an opening system to both the feed hopper and the cradle. No tools are required for full machine opening.


Custom granule extraction systems for customer specific applications.
Granule collection bin instead of fan systems. De dusting, cleaning and classifying of granules. ln-feed conveyors for special applications. Hot melt models for extrusion and blow moulding & temperature sensing.

Blackfriars offer a comprehensive range of OEM granulator blades, spares and  accessories for our granulator machines and systems.

As a member of the Fernite Group of companies we also offer the
#1 granulator blade re-sharpening service
in the whole of the UK.