Blackfriars HD67 Granulator System

Blackfriars HD67 Granulator, from the OEM, Blackfriars Granulator systems
Blackfriars HD67 Granulator, from the OEM, Blackfriars Granulator systems

Blackfriars HD67 Granulator System

The Blackfriars HD67 Granulator is a heavy duty granulator, designed to be a versatile and robust machine, giving efficient, high output performance. As with all Blackfriars granulator machines, this unit has been designed with durability and reliability in mind.

Utilised in a wide range of in-plant and general trade applications in plastics and rubber, include lumps, scrap components, extrusions (section, pipe and sheet) and film.
Machines can be custom manufactured to best suit specific applications.

The HD67 is compact and simple to install. Easy access is made for cleaning and knife maintenance.

Full safety features include interlocked rotor restraint, and Blackfriars Scruloks for positive mechanical interlocking of the hopper and outlet chute to the cutting chamber. The whole machine is fully interlocked, yet readily accessible.


These machines are fabricated with an inclined cutting chamber and integral baseframe for the  granulator and motor. There are two rows of dead knives and three rows of fly knives, all adjustable as standard, with an optional third dead knife available.
An additional flywheel gives extra inertia for particularly heavy duty applications. A feed restrictor is available as an optional extra for controlling the feed of large solid items.

Shear on the fly knives provides a “scissor cut” action. The rotor is supported on externally mounted two row spherical roller bearings. An open, closed or universal design of rotor is available.

Complete systems engineered with in-feed conveyors, metal detection, temperature sensing, granule extraction, sound attenuating enclosure, maintenance monitoring and system control. Application and project engineering is available to design a system which meets or in most cases exceeds your specific requirements.

Blackfriars offer a comprehensive range of OEM granulator blades, spares and  accessories for our granulator machines and systems.

As a member of the Fernite Group of companies we also offer the
UK’s #1 granulator blade re-sharpening service.