At Blackfriars we offer ancillary services to supplement our granulation solutions:

We manufacture in our new factory in Sheffield

The leading manufacturer of Granulators, Blackfriars has over 50 years experience in supplying plastics, rubber and food industries with tailor-made products for size reduction and recycling. 

Now we manufacture in our new factory, so we follow highest international standards and requirements. We design, test and supply equipment for a wide and ever-increasing range of applications. Our customers vary from small processors to reclaimers, right through to many of the world’s most successful multi-national corporations.

Blackfriars granulating machines and systems are widely used in process industries where consistent and reliable performance is the key to the production of high quality products.

Sales Engineering Teams who understand

Blackfriars products and systems are sold directly to customers in the UK and either direct to companies world-wide or through our comprehensive agency network in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and the Far East. 

Our Customised Design - the Secret of Success

Blackfriars engineering teams exploit the vary latest CAD technology to improve speed and design quality for production and development. A sophisticated product database integrates with Purchasing and Stock Control in manufacturing.

Complete process or Reclamation Systems involving extensive project engineering are a Blackfriars speciality. These often include materials handling, a sound attenuation enclosure, metal detection and ancillary equipment.

A programmable Logic Control (PLC) may sequence and monitor the system to provide the maximum degree of automation. Projects can be carried through to installation and commissioning. 

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