Blackfriars offer a range of secure banknote destruction solutions

With a proven throughput rate of upto 70kg / hour which equates to 70,000 notes per hour in straps of 100 notes, the Blackfriars system is designed to the individual requirement of each bank location and is bespoke to the processing needs of each, such as:

  • Offline granulator destruction
  • Shred handling requirements from online bank note sorting machines and offline granulator
  • High throughput requirements
  • Small, complex building layouts and room sizes

Simple high throughput destruction systems

Hand Fed destruction systems offered for straps of 100 notes, with a processing throughout of 70,000 (70kg) notes per hour.

HD Granulators, with the ability to process whole bundles of 1,000 notes or paper sheets up to a maximum of 450 kg per hour.

Why use Blackfriars for your banknote destruction?


Systems can be offered with the following solutions:

  • Hand-fed or in-feed conveyors solutions
  • Offline granulator
  • Shredder for large sheets of paper
  • Sound attenuating enclosures
  • Pneumatic extraction system to convey shreds between sorting machines and granulator and the shred collection point
  • Filters with self-cleaning
  • Briquetting systems
  • Easy to use control systems

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